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Treating Alcohol Detoxification

Drug detoxification programs also differ in the kinds of people they work on. Some are for members of only one sex; others treat addicts in a specific age group. Still others work with those who are addicted to certain drugs or types of drugs, so you will want to find out if this place addresses the specific needs of this patient. Some involve working in groups, while others take a one-on-one approach.
Each drug treatment center also has a philosophy, a set of guiding principles, on which it bases its methods. Many use the twelve-step program that was first developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and later adopted by Narcotics Anonymous. There is also SMART (Self Management And Recovery Training) Recovery, which bases its system on cognitive and behavioral procedures.
Alcohol detox emphasizes on abstaining from alcohol consumption whenever possible, changing the diet of the patient and use of medications. Alcohol detox may be a bit tedious as the patient may undergo psychological and physical trauma with regards to total withdrawal from alcohol.


Symptoms of detoxification


The severity of detoxification symptoms may vary from mild to severe as well as from one person to another. The mild symptoms often develop during the early stages of the detox process while the severe ones are observed within 2 days to a week of abstaining from alcohol. The symptoms include:


Mild symptoms


- Nausea induced vomiting

- Irritability and bad temper

- Headache, which can vary from mild to severe

- Loss of appetite

- Excessive sweating, observed particularly on the hand palms

- Feeling of shakiness and nervousness

- Deprivation of sleep or insomnia


Moderate symptoms


- Increased heart rate

- Getting nightmares

- Sudden changes in moods and depression

- Trembling of limbs

- Twitching of eyelids

- Dilated pupils

- Pale and sweaty skin

- Fatigue


Severe symptoms


- Inability to think constructively

- Convulsions or seizures

- Blackouts and fainting spells

- Hallucinations

- Fever

- Sudden emotional changes triggered by anxiety


Treating alcohol detoxification


Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can tire one emotionally and physically. To stop the consumption of alcohol fully, it is essential to undergo treatment offered by Alcohol detox centers. There are several detox remedies such as drinking a lot of water and vegetable or fruit juices to keep the body hydrated and enhance cell functions, engaging in yoga and practicing meditation among others. Vegetable juices such as carrot and beetroot juice help cleanse the liver and strengthen the immune system.

On the other hand, there are also several herbs and supplements used to reduce stress caused by the withdrawal symptoms. For severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, some medications are used for treatment such as benzodiazepines. This treatment method is referred to as pharmacological detoxifications. Alcohol detox centers also use medications like diazepam and chlordiapexide to treat heavy drinkers. Alcohol withdrawal is a very challenging process for an individual, both psychologically and physically, as the body reacts to the abrupt decrease of alcohol level in the blood. Dedication and patience, as well as the support of family, is the key factor to accomplish this process.

Finally, there will be rules and restrictions to be followed. Some require the patient to participate for a certain time before visiting can be allowed. Find out what they are and if you and the patient are okay with them.


No matter what approaches they use, even the most effective, tried-and-true methods of drug rehabilitation are powerless on those who refuse to acknowledge the need to change their ways. As Dr. Phil has repeatedly asserted, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.”

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